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Private Money Loans & Hard Money Loans As Low As 7%, Up To 80% LTV, $100k to $35 Million, EZ Qualify! Residential, Commercial and Industrial Real Estate Loans that do not Qualify for ordinary Bank or conventional Financing.

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    Since we are privately funded, we can offer loan terms that no other bank or organization provides.

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    Private mortgage loans are an essential tool in generating and managing wealth. However, the various regulations and legal aspects of investment means that even the most accomplished investor, borrow, or broker can use the help of a team when managing loans and investments.
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    With over 30 years combined experience in the complex and quick-moving world of private mortgage loans, Private Loan Financial is a clear leader in the field. Our varied knowledge sets stem from our teams’ expertise in all aspects of loan management and modification, from borrowers to investors to brokers.


    Private Loan Financial maximizes each of our loans for optimal turnaround time, minimal red tape, and dedicated assistance and customer services. Where many banks and institutions rely on outside funding especially for large loans, we are completely self-funded, meaning our attention is completely on perfecting the loan experience for each of our clients.


    Security for our clients and security for our loans are the twin pillars of business at Private Loan Financial. With our self-funding, any loan, even riskier ones, are completely guaranteed. Likewise, our clients’ personal information and data are completely confidential and protected.

    Low Interest

    Our rates trend lower than those of any bank or publicly-traded financial institution, due to the fact that our funding is private. We’ll also strive to remove and minimize the miles of red tape that those institutions make investors and borrowers go through. At Private Loan Financial, we’ll get the best rate possible – guaranteed.

    Need A Real Estate Loan Fast? Call Us Now! (888) 219-6840
    Since we are privately funded, we can offer loan terms that no other bank or organization provides.

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    Private mortgage loans are much, much more than simple house-buying loans. There are various avenues to take for borrowers, for investors, and for mortgage brokers, each with its own intricate set of requirements and regulations. We can help make sense of it all.

    Resources for Borrowers
    Borrowers, whether buying property, refinancing an existing load, securing a repair loan, or pursuing another option, often feel treated as numbers rather than people by their financial institutions. Private Loan Financial provides clear, easy-to-understand assistance for borrowers looking for a construction loan, a bridge loan, a commercial loan, a rehab loan, owner-occupied loans, and even non-owner occupied loans. Click here to visit the Borrowers page.
    Resources for Investors
    Consider a trust deed loan an investment in a loan backed by the value of real estate. It’s a tricky field, but the results are spectacular; the yield on investment is often higher than that received from traditional bank loans, and the investment is backed by the value of the real estate being invested in. Our expert team has decades of experience in managing and maximizing trust deed loans, and are ready to help investors get started. Click here to visit the Investors page.
    Resources for Brokers
    Mortgage loan brokers are oftentimes more able and more willing to secure non-traditional real estate transactions which mortgage/financial institutions and banks are not willing to engage with. However, in the current real estate and financial climate, brokered loans are growing in popularity and accessibility. In fact, these types of transactions are in greater demand now than in decades past. For those wishing to start in commercially-brokered mortgage loans, now is the time to start. Click here to visit the Brokers page.
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    The private mortgage loan field is only a part of the wider world of loans, real estate, and mortgage investment. Check out our blogs and articles to learn more about similar and related fields of interest, and visit our Resources page to view our Frequently Asked Questions.

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    Check back regularly to catch up on the news in the mortgage lending and borrowing world. We’ll examine different fields of expertise and update monthly, so keep coming back!

    Why Choose a Hard Money Lender Instead of a Traditional Bank?

    Why Choose a Hard Money Lender Instead of a Traditional Bank?

    Why should borrowers choose private lenders over traditional banks? The short answer is that these lenders fill in the gaps where other lenders fail. Many individuals today have the ability and desire to invest in a new home, but they have an unproven track record....

    Loans are offered under either: California Bureau of Real Estate License 01897444 or California Finance Lender License 6054605
    Mortgage Loan Originator, NMLS license no. 945582