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    Since we are privately funded, we can offer loan terms that no other bank or organization provides.

    Private Funding Can Succeed Where Institutional Loans Fail

    First-time borrowers can learn all about the types of hard loans we have available by contacting us today. We’ll guide you step by step through the application process to get you a loan decision quickly. Are you looking for a hard money loan to finance a construction project but not sure what options are available? Here is a quick rundown of the type of loans we provide and what they can be used for.

    If you were turned down for traditional financing, a privately funded loan may be your answer. Call us today to find out more. (888) 219-6840

    Construction Loans

    Construction loans provide builders, contractors, and developers with needed cash to complete construction of new homes and buildings. By providing funding at specified milestones during a project, construction loans allow for quick access to necessary cash to secure and complete opportunities for new construction. Private construction loans take away the uncertainty and wasted time spent chasing traditional bank loan.

    Bridge Loan

    With a private bridge loan, investors and buyers can have access quickly to immediate cash flow to fill gaps in financing. Bridge loans allow a business or individuals to bide time before new financing is secured and are usually for a short time period, sometimes only weeks or months in duration.

    Commercial Loans

    If you’re looking to finance a commercial property, a short-term hard money commercial loan is a smart option. With fast turnaround times, our commercial loans can secure needed funds in days, not weeks or months with traditional lenders. We offer flexible terms and convenient loan application processes, minimal paperwork, and with reasonable terms for prepayment. We support the dreams and properties that typical lenders shy away from. Having trouble securing a typical bank loan due to cash flow problems, poor credit, or eligibility restrictions? Private commercial loans are often the answer.

    Rehab Loan

    When you have a property that needs some work but will turn a great profit, turn to a rehab loan. You’ll have the funds to do necessary renovations quickly and flip the property at a great price. We offer loans for single-family homes, duplexes, and apartments. With just a few points of information, we’ll appraise the property and get you the cash you need.

    Owner-occupied Loan

    Some hard money lenders shy away from financing owner-occupied properties. Not us. If you’re looking to add a business office or expand a home-based business, turn to us for the construction dollars you need. We’ll walk you through the federal and state regulations and be sure your proposed project complies with all necessary guidelines to get you the cash you need to grow your home.

    Non-owner Occupied Loans

    Looking to buy a property you don’t live in? Looking to enter the thrilling phone flipping business but need some cash to start? Loans for non-owner occupied buildings are the way to go. Hard money from our real estate investors lets you secure the property, start and finish needed repairs and renovations, and get your single-family home, duplex or apartment building on the market, bringing in one-time or repeat income along the way.

    Turn a “no” from an institutional lender into a “yes” from a private lender. Call us today to get your funding. (888) 219-6840

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      Private Loan Financial is a full service private money direct lender focused on funding equity-based deals fast through custom designed financing structures for residential, multi-family, land, commercial and construction loans. PLF specializes in residential and commercial loans for both borrows and brokers filling a void left by institutional lenders.

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      Need A Real Estate Loan Fast? Call Us Now! (888) 219-6840
      Since we are privately funded, we can offer loan terms that no other bank or organization provides.

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      Why Choose a Hard Money Lender Instead of a Traditional Bank?

      Why Choose a Hard Money Lender Instead of a Traditional Bank?

      Why should borrowers choose private lenders over traditional banks? The short answer is that these lenders fill in the gaps where other lenders fail. Many individuals today have the ability and desire to invest in a new home, but they have an unproven track record....

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