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    If you’re looking for a fast turnaround, a simple loan application process, and access to necessary capital for construction, look no further. When you need home construction loans, count on us for all your lending needs.

    New construction loans, whether owner building construction loans, construction loans for builders or commercial construction loans, give aspiring contractors an opportunity to secure necessary capital to start building quickly, sometimes in a manner of days.

    How Do Construction Loans Work?

    Usually, home construction loans are short-term, often with a maximum of one year. Once you are ready to submit an application, you’ll provide some paperwork about the type of construction you’re planning, a construction timetable, detailed construction plans, and an accurate and detailed budget, including information about labor, application building materials, fees, finishing, appliances, and fixtures.

    Once the loan is approved, you’ll have access to a bank draft, which is a scheduled draw rate that aligns with your construction schedule and budget. During construction, a representative may visit the site to check on progress.

    Once the property is completed, with a legal certificate of occupancy and signed lien releases by the contractors, the borrower will be responsible for paying back the residential construction loans from sale proceeds.

    Here are four things that we will consider when reviewing your application for new home construction loans.


    Location - We will examine the location of the property in question and visit the site.


    Lot lien - Some hard money construction loans will cover a portion of the lot purchase price. Ideally, we prefer that the lot be free and clear or subordinated to the first-position private lender.


    Down payment ratios - The ratio of the down payment to total loan amount helps to demonstrate the borrower's commitment to the project and availability of capital.


    Rates and fees - Various rates and fees will be applied to your loan based on the available capital and your application.

    New construction loans with no down payment are just one of many types of construction loans we provide. In some cases, your individual project requirements may require something structured specifically for your situation. Since we’re working with private funds, our loans can be modified to help make your individual loan work for you. In addition to new construction loans, we also offer:


    Bridge loans - These loans offer gap funding for commercial and residential loans to provide time for builders to make necessary renovations and repairs. These loans also provide flexibility when needing to find tenants or homebuyers that offer short-term financing.


    Fix and flip loans - Fix and flip loans provide hard money via private loans that can provide necessary funds for a high percentage of the project costs, including both the purchase price and the cost of any necessary upgrades or renovations. Such loans allow borrowers to close deals and make necessary repairs to get properties on the market quickly.


    Residential rehabilitation loans - If you're looking for residential real estate to buy, renovate and retain for the long term as a source of steady and reliable income, you often need a quick source of needed cash to close deals and leverage opportunities when they present themselves. Cash-flush buyers often scoop up these properties fast. With a residential rehab loan, you can gain access to needed capital to secure properties competitively.


    Cash-out refinance loans - These loans let you refinance a property, especially those at a high mortgage rate, and gain some cash in the process. Traditional lenders often have terms that are too restrictive for some buyers. These loans help buyers get out bad mortgages and have cash on hand.


    Distressed properties - There's lots of opportunity in helping revitalize distressed areas by purchasing, renovating, and reselling homes that have fallen into disrepair. We can advise you on how to find these properties and gain the cash necessary to start work.

    New construction loans are a great way to get your project done with needed capital and peace of mind.

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      Need A Real Estate Loan Fast? Call Us Now! (888) 219-6840
      Since we are privately funded, we can offer loan terms that no other bank or organization provides.

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