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Private Loans Parameters Are More Lenient Than Traditional Loans. Find Out More..

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Since we are privately funded, we can offer loan terms that no other bank or organization provides.

Find Out What Makes Private Loans Work

We help borrowers get access to needed cash fast. We offer a simple application process, access to private investors looking to help make real estate dreams a reality and experienced professionals eager to help you secure the money you need.

Whether it’s a construction loan, bridge loan, owner-occupied loan, or rehab loan, we’ll do everything we can to get you the funds necessary to buy and renovate properties that are sounds investments. We make borrowing easy with reliable funding sources, reasonable terms, and flexible options to get you the loan package that works best for you.

Here are the loan parameters we use, from loan to value rates to other lending parameters we use to evaluate your application.

Lending Parameters Overview

Loan Types - Owner-occupied (consumer), construction, fix and flip, rehab, commercial

Types of Properties - Single family homes, apartments, residential developments, small commercial

Loan Amounts - $150,000 to $4 million *

Loan to Value - 70 percent LTV in most cases. Higher LTV, ARV-based and participation loan options available

Lien Position - 1st or 2nd

Interest Rates - 8.9 percent to 11.9 percent (can be lower for very low LTV loans)

Origination Fees - 2 to 4 points, depending on loan size, LTV, and maturity

Document Processing Fees - $1,495 to $2,495

Loan Term - 6 months to 30 years (for consumer purpose loans)

Valuation Method - Appraisals generally are required. Certain exceptions apply

Borrower Types - Individuals, trusts, LLCs, corporations

Closing Timeframes - 5 to 14 days (longer when TRID rules apply)

Lending Area - California

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Private Loan Financial is a full service private money direct lender focused on funding equity-based deals fast through custom designed financing structures for residential, multi-family, land, commercial and construction loans. PLF specializes in residential and commercial loans for both borrows and brokers filling a void left by institutional lenders.

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Need A Real Estate Loan Fast? Call Us Now! (888) 219-6840
Since we are privately funded, we can offer loan terms that no other bank or organization provides.

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Loans are offered under either: California Bureau of Real Estate License 01897444 or California Finance Lender License 6054605
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