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Private Money Loans & Hard Money Loans As Low As 7%, Up To 80% LTV, $100k to $35 Million, EZ Qualify! Non-Owner Occupied Residential Real Estate Loans That Do Not Qualify For Ordinary Bank or Conventional Financing.

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    Since we are privately funded, we can offer loan terms that no other bank or organization provides.

    Recession Proof Lending

    If you’ve considered borrowing money for a home you do not intend to occupy, you’ve probably encountered more than a few roadblocks along the way. Traditional banks and mortgage lenders are still reeling from the bursting of the housing bubble between 2007 and 2009.

    As a result of the recession that followed, traditional lenders remain reluctant to offer non-owner occupied loans to investors. Even successful seasoned investors are finding this type of funding more difficult to secure. This makes it difficult for many would-be investors to get a foot in the door for your investment property dreams.

    How We Can Help You with Your Investment Property Ownership Funding Needs

    We understand the struggles you face securing traditional lending for non-owner occupied investment properties. We’ve taken steps to secure a variety of investors who are interested in helping you invest in your dreams. These are people who have a vision beyond what big banks and mortgage companies have and are ready to lend.

    What this means for you is that we have greater flexibility when it comes to offering non-owner occupied mortgage loans. Which translates to us offering loans that other banks aren’t likely to touch.

    We can help you secure funding for a variety of real estate investment purposes, including:


    Commercial Real Estate Loans


    Construction Loans


    Fix and Flip Property Loans


    Investment Property Loans


    Non-Owner Occupied Loans


    Rehab Loans


    Residential Loans


    Short-Term Financing

    Because we have hard money lenders who are eager to invest in your dreams, we have the tools you need to make your investment dreams come true.

    What Should You Look for When Seeking Non-Owner Occupied Mortgage Loans?

    There are a few things you should take the time to learn before making a deal for any type of loan – especially something like a non-owner occupied mortgage loan. This includes things like:


    Non-Owner Occupied Loan Requirements


    Non-Owner Occupied Mortgage Rates


    Non-Owner Occupied Down Payment Requirements


    Non-Owner Occupied Refinance Rates (should they become necessary or favorable for you)

    In fact, the more information you get regarding the loan and the loan process before making the deal, the better it is for you. You will not only have the knowledge to make informed investment decisions about your funding sources, but you will also have a better understanding of the terms of your loan and your responsibilities.

    Why Come to Us for Your Non Owner Occupied Borrowing Needs?

    The more you understand about non-owner occupied mortgage lenders, the better prepared you will be to answer all the necessary questions and provide the proper information necessary to secure the loan you seek. Our goal is to ensure you get the funding you need to fuel your dreams. To achieve that goal, we work to connect you with lenders who offer what you’re looking for in a non-traditional loan and to create transparent practices, a straightforward application process, and flexible loan terms.

    Contact us today and let us help you get to work securing the funding to fuel your investment dreams – especially when your dreams require non-owner occupied mortgage loans to get them up and running. We’ll connect you with our network of lenders that are ready to lend today.

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      Need A Real Estate Loan Fast? Call Us Now! (888) 219-6840
      Since we are privately funded, we can offer loan terms that no other bank or organization provides.

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      Why Choose a Hard Money Lender Instead of a Traditional Bank?

      Why Choose a Hard Money Lender Instead of a Traditional Bank?

      Why should borrowers choose private lenders over traditional banks? The short answer is that these lenders fill in the gaps where other lenders fail. Many individuals today have the ability and desire to invest in a new home, but they have an unproven track record....

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