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    What is a Commercial Loan?

    If you’re a broker, then you know how important it is to get the best return on the commercial loans you place. Fortunately, we’ve priced our commercial real loans to be extremely competitive, making them an easy product to sell to clients. Our commercial loans process is quick and easy, allowing your clients to easily apply and get approved quickly. We are also always on the lookout for ways to leverage our current holdings. If you’re offering competitive rates on jumbo commercial loans, please contact us.

    Our commercial loans consist of commercial real estate loans, commercial property loans, and commercial hard money loans. Clients who are looking to purchase property for their business are typically looking for a loan with low-interest rates and flexible payment terms that will allow them to adjust their cash flow.

    We offer a wide variety of loans that can be customized to fit the needs of individual clients. Whether your client has a long credit history or no credit history, we have a commercial property loan that will work for them. Our commercial real estate loan rates are based on a variety factors, allowing brokers to choose from a long list of potential commercial real estate loans.

    Getting a Commercial Loan

    We offer a wide variety of commercial real estate loans that are designed for everyone from new business owners to established companies. Our commercial loan requirements are a set of questions that are designed to assess risk based on more than a simple credit score. Loans are available for retail, restaurant, and industrial clients. Our analysis opens the doors to credit for clients who otherwise wouldn’t have access to the money they need.

    Commercial Loan Refinance

    Whether you have clients who are looking for better rates and payment terms, or if your clients are looking to refinance their commercial loan in order to pull out equity, we can help. Refinancing a commercial loan can be an excellent way for businesses to quickly raise capital without the hassles of going through the business loan process or selling company assets. For our investors, commercial real estate refinance loans come with the guarantee of a hard asset, making them a more secure form of income than other investments.

    If you have clients who are looking to raise capital and/or increase their cash flow, our commercial refinance loans are a great way to get the money they need.

    Hard Money Commercial Real Estate Loans

    In some cases, going through the typical process to apply for a commercial loan just isn’t an option. Hard money or no-doc commercial real estate loans are a good way to get the money needed for a new business or raise the capital necessary to invest in an established company. These loans require little to no proof of income, making them ideal for new businesses or companies with fluctuating income. While rates on these loans are higher than other commercial loan products, they can be ideal for the right client.

    If you’re a commercial real estate loan broker, then you know how important it is to give your clients a wide variety of options when they’re deciding how to finance their business. Our commercial property loans are competitively priced and designed to give your clients a lot of options. Whether your client is looking for a loan with low monthly payments to free up cash, or looking to pull equity out of his or her property in order to invest in a business, we have a loan that is right for them.

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