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Earn a Higher Return on Investment with Relatively Low Risk by Taking Advantage of This Alternative to Stocks & Bonds

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Since we are privately funded, we can offer loan terms that no other bank or organization provides.

A Safe Investment With Lucrative Returns

Private lenders make a loan to a borrower, who in turn uses the money to finance business operations or to purchase, refinance or renovate real estate.

In exchange for the quick availability of the money you are providing, the borrower pays you significantly higher interest rates than what you could get by investing your money in a CD or in the stock or bond markets.

Why Is Quick Availability Of Funds So Important To Borrowers That They Would Be Willing To Pay Higher Interest Rates?

For business owners and real estate investors having money available can often make or break a deal and they can get the money much faster and more hassle-free from private lenders than banks.

In other words, business owners and real estate investors need to have money on hand to do deals or they risk missing out completely. So they would rather pay more in interest to do a deal than to not do any deal at all.

By the way, another strike against banks is they often penalize good real estate investors by insisting on loaning to them based on the purchase price of a house instead of the value of the house. But again the main reason why many investors opt to pay more in higher interest is they don’t want to deal with slow banks.

Borrowers in need of private lending funds may also be good candidates for a loan who have had difficulty meeting all the stringent qualifications that banks have today.

For example, a borrower may be looking to buy a new home before they sell their old one – while banks and other traditional financial institutions will most likely walk away from a deal like this a private money lender can step in and make a nice profit with relatively low risk.

With the flexibility banks don’t have, we see opportunities where traditional lenders may see problems, or be bound by institutionalized red tape.

Why is Private Lending Considered Low Risk?

In addition to the higher rates you’ll earn with this type of investment, your loan to the borrower will also be secured by the actual property the investor purchases.

This is done through what is called a Trust Deed.

What happens is the person (or entity) borrowing money in the transaction will transfer the property, in trust, to a third party who is independent (a neutral party who is not affiliated with the borrower or the lender).

That means that as an investor, you stand to earn a higher interest yield than traditional banks would earn on the transaction plus your investment is secured by the value of the real estate or the borrower’s equity.

In other words, becoming a real estate private lender produces high yields while also providing security and liquidity. In fact, you can even use money from your 401(k) or IRA for this type of investment without penalty.

This investment method is also extremely easy to do as most real estate investors will handle all of the paperwork requirements and take care of all fees as well.

So if you make a $20,000 loan, you’ll send a check for $20,000 to the closing agent and you’ll get a mortgage for $20,000.

No hidden fees and no paperwork or technical requirements make this investment method perfect for anyone who is too busy to get down into the intricate details of real estate investing.

Finding Qualified Private Money Borrowers

In the past, the big roadblock to success with private money lending was finding qualified, low-risk borrowers but Private Loan Financial (PLF) has stepped in and made that easy to do.

We specialize in putting together residential and commercial loans for both borrowers and investors – filling the rather large void that has been left by institutional lenders and their stringent rules.

PLF seeks to empower private investors, assisting with the information and honest guidance needed to make the correct financial choices.

We have the expertise and tools you need to seamlessly fund high profit, low risk loans. We are focused on funding equity-based deals fast through custom designed financing structures for residential, multi-family, land, commercial and construction loans.

Benefits of Becoming a Private Money Lender with PLF

Let’s take a quick look at the potential profitability that exists in finally taking control of your investments and becoming a private lender:

Amount Invested

Return from a CD Paying 3% Interest

Return from a Private Mortgage Loan Paying 15%

Net Increase

















Just think, what could you do with an extra $6,000 or an extra $60,000? Well, that’s the type of gains that can be available when you become a private lender.

You see, when you become a private lender you are in essence becoming “the bank.” Only, unlike a bank that is handicapped by various policies, procedures, and rules that can make it impossible for it to make certain loans that could be extremely profitable, you will have much more flexibility.

PLF will pick and choose the best borrowers and the best deals for you. Here are additional benefits of working with us:


You will be in complete control of your money. You get to be the bank and set all the terms.


You’ll be able to relax knowing that you’ll be receiving regular, fixed returns rather than losing sleep worrying about whether the volatile stock market is going to go up or down


Your investment is safe and secure as your loan is secured by the actual property we invest in


We look for properties with conservative market values. This means the property you invest in will have a low LTV (Loan-To-Value) – which is another way of keeping your investment safe


You don’t have to worry about completing any complex paperwork as we handle it all … allowing you to sit back and watch your money grow!

To learn much more about becoming a private money lender with PLF, call (888) 219-6840 today or visit our contact us page.

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Private Loan Financial is a full service private money direct lender focused on funding equity-based deals fast through custom designed financing structures for residential, multi-family, land, commercial and construction loans. PLF specializes in residential and commercial loans for both borrows and brokers filling a void left by institutional lenders.

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Need A Real Estate Loan Fast? Call Us Now! (888) 219-6840
Since we are privately funded, we can offer loan terms that no other bank or organization provides.

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